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BBC School Report 2017


UPDATE 12:15pm

The first of our videos have been uploaded to the website.  More will be added as the stories flood in....


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Dundonians speak out against Trump!

By: Brad, Josh and Husaifa

What do Dundonians think of Donald Trump? Today Councillor Lynn Short told Morgan Academy’s S2 pupils that she thinks the ban is disgraceful. Ms Short said, “Everyone should be treated the same way and equally.”

Ms Short said that she thought George Clooney would maybe be interested in running for president. After all, other actors have been president before.

Members of the public were asked about Donald Trump. Every single person disagreed with Trumps plan to build a wall on the US/Mexican border. Not one person said that they would have voted for Trump. Most people said they would prefer Barak or Michelle Obama to have been president. One man from Dundee even said that he himself would make a good president.

I think it is safe to say Donald Trump will not be coming to Dundee any time soon!