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English and Media Department

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The English Department strives to achieve the following:

  • To introduce pupils to a variety of texts. We aim to cover a range of genres, and to cover texts which will be both interesting and challenging for pupils.
  • To develop analytical skills, so that pupils can comment effectively on language used by others.
  • To develop language skills, so that pupils can express themselves clearly and creatively.
  • To develop pupils’ confidence in working independently.


Staff in the English Department:

Mrs. L. Harvie (Acting Principal Teacher)

Mrs. K. Ales-Yan

Mr. P. Bowser (also Principal Teacher of Guidance for Airlie House)

Miss.  L. Devlin

Mrs. D. Greig

Mrs. S.  Haddow

Mrs. H. Montgomery

Mr. R. Nisbet

Mrs. V. Smith

Miss. L. Welsh