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Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Fresh Start
At Morgan Academy we are committed to improving literacy standards.  One of our initiatives is the Fresh Start Programme.  This is a phonics based reading programme aimed at older children where their reading ability is well below their actual age.
 The programme takes pupils back to basics in order to fill the gaps in their reading skills and to firmly embed the strategies for reading that most of us take for granted.  It is important that these gaps are addressed as poor reading skills severely impede access to the wider secondary curriculum. 
Fresh Start uses texts aimed at pupils aged 11-14 and is part of the Read Write Inc. programme used in many primary schools.  Pupils are taught the phonic sounds and how to blend them over a course of thirty four modules of increasing complexity.
It is important that those on the programme practise their sounds on a daily basis and that they are encouraged to read outside of school.  Resources for parents can be found on the Ruth Miskin website:

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