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Parent Council of Morgan Academy

MAPP is the Parent Council of Morgan Academy and as a parent/carer of a Morgan pupil, you will automatically become a member of whats called the Parent Forum.  MAPP is here to represent all parent/carers in that forum and as a Parent Forum member you have a right to advice and information about your child's education at the school.  The opportunity to be more involved with what the school is doing, and the opporunity, along with all the other parents to have your views represented through your Parent Council.

What do we do?

  • We support the school in its work with pupils and parents.
  • We represent the views of parents.
  • We promote contact and communication between the school, parents/carers, pupils and the wider community.
  • We report back to all the parents/carers in the school (called the Parent Forum)
  • We play a role in the appointment of Head Teachers and Depute Head Teachers.

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