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Minutes of Morgan Academy Parent Partnership Meeting

    Minutes of Morgan Academy Parent Partnership Meeting

Date: 11th Nov 2020

Time:      18:30 hrs

Location:        Teams Meeting



Kris Scimgeour (Chair), Elaine Hallyburton (Clerk), Alex Anderson (HT), Maria Millar (Vice Chair), Anna Robertson, Elaine McDougall, Elaine Booth, Jackie Close, Jackie Milton, Suzanne Wylie, Sandy Sleigh, Terri Lloyd, Hayley Maroney, Dolina Thomson


Ellie Dewar





Responsibility/ Action


Minutes of

previous Meeting -

Matters arising


Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Approved: Maria Millar

Seconded: Anna Robertson





HT Update

SQA - Next year’s Nat 5 exams will not be going ahead.  They will be assessed using an alternative certification approach.  This will be based on teacher judgement, supported by assessment resources and quality assurance. 

Highers and Advanced Highers will go ahead as usual but will start 2 weeks later than planned.

Face Coverings - Morgan will not be enforcing the wearing of face coverings in class for S1-3.  However, the general wearing of face coverings around the school is very positive, with the majority of young people adhering to it.  Young people do however, need to be encouraged more to wear face coverings in shops.

IT - WIFI points have been updated.

More resources are now online.  In order for all young people at Morgan to have their own devices, the school has contacted Morgan’s FPs and also used some of their Pupil Equity Fund to buy devices, along with what was gifted from the Scottish Government.  An additional 100 devices will be delivered to Morgan, along with dongles to help young people access digital learning.

Staffing - This is ongoing.

There is an extra teacher in the learning zone to help pupils struggling with the effects of lockdown.  Another teacher has been employed to play catch up with pupils who have missed school due to Coronavirus.

Third Year Timetable - It was decided to drop from 11 – 9 subjects in S3.  This has mean that pupils have an extra period in each subject.  This is consolidating learning.




City-wide Update





Communication to wider parent forum

K. Scrimgeour would like to increase the visibility of MAPP and promote widely amongst the wider parent forum.  It was decided to use Morgan’s Twitter page more to promote this.





Research Request – The following research request has been submitted to Morgan.  Diane Anderson is co-ordinating.

The participation of P6 to S2 children on the subject of Dundee dialect.  The link to this is

They have also provided a brief as to what is involved, see below:

  • After confirming consent to take part in the study by both carer and child, the carer will be asked questions to ascertain their level of knowledge with Dundonian words (I have attached a copy of this questionnaire).
  • After that, children will be asked to view a short test of their audio by matching sounds to animals, after which the experiment will begin. They will view a number of words which are different in Dundonian and Standard Scottish English (for example: ‘house’ vs ‘hoose’, ‘child’ vs ‘bairn’). They would just be asked to observe these.
  • Afterwards, they will be asked to view a series of shapes which have no real name, and choose a suggested name from either the Dundonian or the Standard Scottish English model. This is how we would measure who they chose to copy. They would also be asked to write the Scottish Standard English version of some Dundonian words.


Date of next meeting Wednesday 13th January @ 6.30pm




Proposed by:                                         

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