Approaches to Raising Attainment

  1. A culture of ambition and success underpinned by strong, clear and visible school vision and values which are referred to by all staff across the school.  
  1. Attainment levels in Literacy and Numeracy are central to our priorities for improvement and raising attainment.  
  1. Data is used by all staff to support and inform decisions made including during transitions and coursing.  
  1. School improvement plans and activities focus on the quality of learning, teaching and assessment.  
  1. Quality partnerships are in place at school level and across schools, which allows our approaches to assessment, moderation, understanding of standards and the sharing of professional judgements to be continually improved.  
  1. Effective use of self-evaluation frameworks and performance information to ensure educational outcomes are improving.  
  1. Effective assessment approaches inform teacher judgements and ensure that all pupils make well-paced progress in their learning.  
  1. Professional learning opportunities are available to staff to enhance practice in the delivery of high-quality learning experiences for all young people.  This includes SQA professional learning to build knowledge and understanding of national qualifications’ expectations.  
  1. Effective tracking and monitoring and target-setting is in place to ensure optimum levels of progress from prior levels of attainment.  
  1. High quality support and an agreed set of timely and proven interventions are in place to enable all young people to achieve success.  
  1. All learners receive regular, useful feedback to support their progress and to maximise potential.  
  1. All learners have a say about their learning experiences and encouraged to provide feedback on how well they are learning. 
  1. Effective communication with parents/carers regarding the current level of achievement, progress towards the next level, next steps required, as well as the level of commitment by the young people to their courses. 
  1. A programme of study support is in place in the Senior Phase to maximise optimum levels of attainment for all learners. 
  1. Agreed processes across the school to identify and work with targeted groups of young people to maximise achievements across the curriculum. 
  1. Curriculum development focuses on relevance and locality informed career pathways and offers meaningful opportunities for success to all learners at a range of levels.