Leading Learners

We recognise the challenges that our young people have faced over the last two to three years as we negotiated the pandemic. Through skills assemblies and learning conversations in classrooms, we focus on key learner skills to support and develop progress for all.  

To support this further, Morgan Academy have been running the Leading Learners Programme for two years. Through their participation in this programme, Senior Pupils are supported in their preparation for SQA exams in order to positively impact their exam confidence and attainment. 

Using staff tutors to support our young people, the Leading Learners Programme guides pupils to take the lead in their learning using a range of study techniques and removing potential barriers to study. Data shows that in schools where this programme has been introduced to selected students, 86.8% of predicted grades were either secured or increased. Pupil feedback in these schools also highlighted that they were delighted with the support that they received from the staff tutors involved. 

We have high expectations for all of our pupils. As they approach the exam period, we hope that by engaging with the leading Learners Programme, staff tutors will build on these skills to guide and support our young people to even greater success.