Morgan Connects

September 2022 marked a significant milestone in the history of Morgan Academy as we embarked on our new digital enhancement of learning experiences with the roll-out of individual 1:1 digital devices for all Morgan students from S1 through to S6. These devices will be used in the classroom where appropriate, and at home, to support learning.  


Building on our response during lockdown, and the introduction of online learning, the use of 1:1 devices aims to ensure that our pupils continue to benefit from the use of digital technology to support and enhance their learning, inspiring creativity and collaboration and developing more independent learners. We firmly believe that digital technology provides staff with opportunities to engage and excite pupils in their learning, and support them to achieve their full potential. 

How will this change learning in the classroom? 


Technological innovation and digital literacy have the potential to reshape the classroom experience for learners within the Secondary school setting.  


Digital readiness brings with it enormous benefits for teaching and learning and develops skills that every child should be equipped with upon leaving school. Your child’s device provides a means for developing those skills and can transform their learning experience as a result.  


While online learning will not be replacing traditional methods of learning in the classroom, and may not be used in every lesson, this device will add great value to the ways in which lessons can be taught.  


Some of the benefits that can be delivered through digital learning: 


  • Greater control over how students use and work with the resources provided  
  • New opportunities for teachers to access and deliver different types of instructions or resources depending on what works best for your child  
  • More immediate – and different types of – feedback on their work  
  • Collaboration e.g., working together across devices in real time   
  • Your child’s laptop will open up new doors on how they take notes, write essays and stories, and organise their work.  
  • Universal and equitable digital home access to learning for all our learners  
  • We hope that this development will allow students to become more reflective and independent in their learning.  
  • Developing digital literacy skills  
  • Developing skills for learning, life and work as set out in Morgan Academy’s Skills framework