About Morgan Academy

Morgan Academy is a non-denominational comprehensive secondary school situated close to the centre of Dundee. We have a school roll of approximately 950 pupils. Pupils generally live close to the school. 


Morgan Academy serves young people and families from a range of city wards although the majority of young people reside within Maryfield ward and the Stobswell area of the city. 


Morgan Academy is an improving school and has delivered year on year improvements across a range of key performance indicators in the last three years, with improvements on pre-pandemic levels. Morgan Academy’s SQA results for 2022 are very strong and reflect the efforts of our young people.  

In 2022 across every Key Performance Indicator, the school has produced a best performance. We ranked 1 ain Dundee for S6 attainment breadth and we ranked 2 in Dundee for all but one other Key Performance indicators. 


53% of our student population reside within datazones classified as the most deprived 20% of datazones within the Scottish Index of Multiple deprivation with 36% of students residing within the datazones classified within the most deprived 10% of datazones. Around 32% of our students receive free school meals. 


29% of our students identify English to be an additional language for them. 42% of our students are classified as having Additional Support Needs. 


Our associated primary schools are Clepington Primary School, Glebelands Primary School, Rosebank Primary School and Dens Road Primary School although we do have a high number of pupils that attend here who have attended other primary schools across the city.  We work very closely with colleagues in all these schools. 


Morgan Academy opened in 1868 and is steeped in history. We are exceptionally proud of our school’s tradition and history. There is a very active former pupils’ association who as valued partners of the school, work hard to support the young people currently learning in the school.  


We are a caring, welcoming, and inclusive learning community that values innovation and creativity. 


Our core purpose is to ensure all our young people maximise their individual potential and to take their place in society as responsible citizens. Closing the poverty related attainment gap and raising attainment for all continues to be our main priority. We aim to achieve this by focusing on individual and community wellbeing and by ensuring that we meet the needs of every young person.   


We recognise the importance of preparing young people for transition into the workforce and have a strong curricular and career development offer, including a range of effective partnerships with Higher and further education and employer partners. 


Our priority remains the wellbeing of all within our school community and the delivery of excellent outcomes for our learners. In line with the “Every Dundee Learner Matters” strategy we will keep a focus on improving the attendance, engagement and achievement of our learners through a continued focus on the three Ps of Presence, Participation and Progress.